Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to robotics. Pere Ponsa.

I work in the Automatic control Department (ESAII), Barcelona East School of Engineering, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona Tech. I collaborate in the Robotic Systems subject of the Master Interdisciplinary & Innovative Engineering. Over the years, my experienc in robotics has been applied in conferences papers, collaboration in the design and start up of academic flexible manufacturing systems (UAB University 1996, UPC Vilanova School EPSEVG, 2003, UPC EEBE School 2018) and contributing author to the White book of Robotics in Spain (CEA 2007, 2011). Member of the Human-computer Interaction Association AIPO. Conference Chair of Interacción'15 XVI International Conference on Human Computer Interaction. My current areas of research are smart control systems, human centred design and robotics.

The main purpose of this website is training on topics related to Industrial Robotics and is especially aimed at University students and teachers. Theory section is a basic introduction to robot manipulator using linear algebra and ordinary differential equations with the purpose of stablish the control problem of the robot in free space. Exercises section with MATLAB and SIMULINK allows obtain skills in the use of robotics toolboxes. Practice section show a "quick" process with the aim to unboxing a robot and start: designing the robot workplace and develop first steps in robotic applications.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge the people, entitities and trade marks who have collaborated with material and contents. Part of the materials are self-made and where other materials have been used, the responsible authors have been conveniently cited. Sources of inspiration have been:

  • F.L. Lewis, C.T. Abdallah, and D.M Dawson, Control of Robot Manipulators, Macmillan, New York, 1993.

  • A. Barrientos, L.F. Peñín, C. Balaguer and R. Aracil. Fundamentos de robótica. McGrawHill. 1997.

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