Exercises with MATLAB.

MATLAB and SIMULINK exercises are presented with the aim to apply the theory into computed exercises.

MATLAB Introduction_22.pdf

1_MATLAB Introduction

This part introduces the MATLAB workspace and how manage files (edit, run). We can use files from Robotics Toolboxes or create new functions and files.

MATLAB Exercises_22.pdf

2_MATLAB Exercises

In this case, we apply forward kinematics using linear algebra and homogeneous transformations matrixs.

MATLAB Case Study Robot 2DoF_22.pdf

3_MATLAB Case Study Robot 2DoF

In this section we study the control problem of the Epsilon 2 DoF robot of Fernando Reyes, using Robotics Toolbox.

MATLAB Joystick_Bilateral Control_22.pdf

4_MATLAB SIMULINK Using a joystick in bilateral control

In this case, using SIMULINK blocks, we're using a joystick in a simulated scenario of bilateral control (master/slave devices in teleoperation).

MATLAB Kinect sensor_22.pdf

5_MATLAB SIMULINK Using a Kinect sensor

The human in the loop using gestural interaction and a 3D robot manipulator from SiMULINK 3D Animation.

MATLAB Leap Motion_22.pdf

6_MATLAB SIMULINK Using a Leap Motion Controller

The Leap motion controller is integrated using ROS and MATLAB with the aim to manage a Sphero robot.

Robotics Toolbox.

Further information about Robotics Toolbox in MATLAB or Python can be found in the web page of Peter Corke.